Bug Report

Title: File upload completes successfully despite a wrong captcha being submitted

Class: Bug

Date: 2016-07-22
Reported By: Martin

Product: Joomla, version: 3.5.1
Product: Simple Email Form, version: 1.8.8
Browser: All

Is it reproducible: Yes


1) When a wrong captcha is entered, the file is still uploaded.
2) User only receives a success message saying that the files have been downloaded if the following two conditions are true:
- The last file upload button is used (first ones have no effect);
- The captcha is wrong.

If the captcha is right, no message is displayed.

Steps to Produce/Reproduce

Submit a file to upload and enter a wrong captcha.

Expected Results

The user should receive a failure message.

Actual Results

File is uploaded, upload success message is displayed and wrong captcha message is also displayed.


Update to version 1.8.9

Ref. : https://github.com/andrewscaya/mod_simpleemailform/issues/12