> Doug
> Have just noticed that my Captcha file is growing and old Captcha files
> are not being deleted. Using image captchas. Dierwctory permission is
> 777 and file permissions are 644, so the user should be able to delete.
> I used File Zilla to change file permissions, including setting 777,
> and then sent a message. But the files remained!
> I checked that the directory was web accessible by modifying the
> standard default index.html to throw a read background - see
> http://www.botley.com/images/stories/captcha/index.html
> Have not looked at any code
> Colin
Colin --
The CAPTCHA image will remain on the server until the next time somebody uses the module to send an email. 
At that time the module scans the directory which contains CAPTCHA images and delete any image which is
over 5 minutes oldI. f the module is unable to delete old CAPTCHA image files, an error message will be generated
"Unable to cleanup old CAPTCHAs".