I am stuck and was hoping maybe somebody could help point me to what else I could try to get this to work.  I am using the Simple Email Form module for Joomla and I know it  had worked before but for some reason it had stopped being able to send the form results via e-mail (I’m not sure exactly when it stopped). 


-          I upgraded to the latest version (1.8.2) and still had same issue

-          The form itself displays okay.  I am just not able to receive the e-mails.

-          Content – Load Module plugin is enabled

-          I used the email_test.php and was able to successfully receive an email from it using the same from/to addresses so email should be enabled and working from the server.

-          I created a simple form and added it to an article just so I could try to have something sent to my e-mail <deleted>.  No luck with this.  The form config details are in the attached screen shot.   Test mode is set to true.

-          The sample page can be accessed at: <deleted>

-          Currently using Joomla 2.5.4 and PHP 5.3.21 on Linux box hosted by

-          I am testing using Chrome for my browser.



FYI, I jus wanted to let you know that I was able to get this working again although I’m not quite sure why.   The difference is the following:


Previously, the URL of the page that I was displaying the form on had a format such as:


When I would submit the form, it was redirecting back to the main page and the URL in the browser would look like:


I noticed I had another page which I had forgotten about that was using the same type of form and it was working and the difference was the way the URL was formatted.  So, I had something like this:


Once I changed it to that, it started working again.  After submitting the form, it would remain on the same page and I would see the “form sent successfully” message or an error message if there was any problem. 


So, I don’t know if this helps provide a clue as to what may have happened originally.  If you have some explanation about why this may have not been working before when I had the other URL format, perhaps you can post something on your site somewhere or even just use this example in case anybody else runs into a similar issue. 


Thanks again for your awesome contribution to the Joomla modules.  I still feel your form is the best out there which is why I really wanted to get it working again.