If you plan to use an image CAPTCHA

  • You MUST create a directory where the CAPTCHA will be written
  • Joomla needs read and write rights to this directory
  • The directory must be publicly accessible via a URL
    I.e.  the CAPTCHA directory is /var/www/yoursite.com/images/captcha
    the URL would be http://yoursite.com/images/captcha
  • Creates CAPTCHA files with prefix "captcha_" and erases old images
  • Do not set the CAPTCHA word length to greater than 8

If you are unsure of the exact path to use, proceed  as follows

  • Login as a Joomla admin
  • Go to the System - Global Configuration menu
  • Select Server
  • Examine the setting in the field Path to Temp Folder
  • One level up will be the /path/to/joomla
  • Use the tools provided by your web hosting provider to create a folder /path/to/joomla/captcha
  • This is the path you will then need to specify when configuring the module:
    Advanced Options - Directory to Write Captchas
  • Make sure the "owner" of this folder is the same as the owner for the /path/to/joomla folder


You go to the System - Global Configuration - Server menu, and see the following setting next to Path to Temp Folder:


This means that the /path/to/joomla is this:


Using the tools provided by your web hosting provider you create a folder called "captcha" under the /path/to/joomla.

The entry you will now make for the module config in the Directory to Write Captchas advanced option: