Getting the Simple Email Form module to work inside an article with a CAPTCHA with Joomla Cache enabled.


Use JotCache or CacheControl.


Hello Doug, I'm back !

I tested simpleemailform in a module with jotCache : no problem. jotCache asked me a few problems should be understood that all Joomla
cache system should be completely disabled... I used simpleemailform in a module then I disabled jotCache in the position used by the module.
Then I used simpleemailform in an article, and surprise, jotCache is turned off unexpectedly without further adjustment. Everything works

I also added a text field above and another below the form: it is convenient for a module used alone in a standard position of the template.

Have a good day...

Thanks to MicHELP!  (who can be contacted at: info at

Hi there
I've found jotcache very difficult to get to work with and have found an alternative and much easier to use and more user friendly! :-)
Ok here is how I got simple email form to work as a module within an article and to get it to work with a cache setup!:-
  • Using your tutorial about using simple email form in a within an article - look it up in joomla documentation, to speed this up I've attached this link here:
  • Make sure the simpleemailform has "no caching" setup within the module
  • Set up a menu link with the single article type - when you've saved it, go back to it to extract the menu link id number, e.g. index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=100, we'll only need the "option..." information from here.
  • I scrapped jotcache and used cachecontrol, here's the link to get it:
  • Installed cachecontrol and insert "option=com_content&view=article&id=100" that I've mentioned above.
  • Make sure whilst you're in the Plugin Manager having sorted out cachecontrol, that the system-cache is switched off BUT leave it switched on in joomla global configuration.
  • Also not sure if this makes a difference but I had my mail settings (in global configuration in the server tab) using the "sendmail" function, e.g.
    • From email: insert your email you wish to use for the website to use.
    • From name: insert a name you would like to be called as, e.g. Website Webmaster
    • Sendmail path: /usr/sbin/sendmail
  • Now test your new simpleemailform at the frontend and give it a run!
  • As a bonus I've set up the redirect url with a thank you page article by doing the same method of inserting a module in an article with loadposition and the menu id inserted in the redirect url:
    • The following I've used sourcer which allows javascript coding and jce editor (it allows javascript - you have to ensure it is switched on in the jce configuration)
    • Just copy below everything from "{source ..... {/source}" into your module and save it.
    •  {source}
      <script type="text/javascript">
        var counter = 10;
          setInterval(function() {
              if(counter < 0) {
                  window.location = 'index.php';
              } else {
                  document.getElementById("count").innerHTML = counter;
          }, 1000);

            <div class="alert alert-success">
          <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert">&times;</button>
          <br><br>Thank you for your email - you will get a reply back in the next few days.<br><br>
          Will be in touch!
      <div id="count"></div>

      <p>Watch me redirect to another page in 10 seconds...</p>

      <div class="progress">
    • The above allows to thank the person sending the email, gives a time delay and redirects to the home page
If more info/assistance is required then I can be contacted on bionicnellyweb at googlemail dot com