Q: I did use 1.7.01 but I didn't see multiple places to set the CSS styles.

Q: This is a great module, however i am having issues with the colour of text... I have a black background, and the text is coming up grey, does anyone know how to change the colour to white?  Also, is there a way to modify positions of subject/email/name etc?


A:  As long as you configure the module with a CSS class, you have control over all these things.  Here is the actual code used:


Sorry I haven't documented this new feature thoroughly.  Here's what happens when you specify something for "CSS Class" in the config for versions 1.7.01 and above.  Let's say you enter "test" for your CSS class.  Here's what the module generates: 


// 2011-12-03 DB: init CSS class properties (if set)
$this->_tableClass        = $this->_cssClass . "_table";
$this->_trClass            = $this->_cssClass . "_tr";
$this->_thClass            = $this->_cssClass . "_th";
$this->_spaceClass        = $this->_cssClass . "_space";
$this->_tdClass            = $this->_cssClass . "_td";
$this->_inputClass        = $this->_cssClass . "_input";
$this->_captchaClass    = $this->_cssClass . "_captcha";

And this is what is generated for each individual <INPUT xxx> element:

$row .= sprintf(
'<input type="text" name="%s" id="%s" size="%d" value="%s" maxlength="%d" class="%s"/>',
   $name, $name, $this->_field[$x]['size'], $value, $this->_field[$x]['maxx'], $this->_inputClass

Hopefully this little block of code makes sense.  So the table class = test_table, labels end up test_th, inputs end up test_input, etc.  Note that the HTML "id" attribute is the same as the "name" attribute.  By viewing the "page source" on the web page where your form appears (generally you can type CTRL  + U to view this), you can see the actual HTML produced.

All you need to do after that is to go to Extensions - Template Manager, and insert these new CSS classes into your template's master CSS file.  With CSS you can do things like change the position, change the color of the text, etc.


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