Q: ?On March 1, 2012 at 10:00 AM Irini wrote:

Hi, thank you for your response!

I was wondering if you can clarify me some other issues. As it is the first time that i create a website with an e-mail form, i don't know what configurations i have to make so that e-mail works. Now, i have the website localhost and i can't check if it works or maybe i don't know how to check it. The e-mails will be sent to the back-end of joomla or i can redirect them. And finally, the attachments where will be saved?

It would be very useful if you could give me some instructions about these points.

Thank you again for your time and your response,

?Irene --


As for testing email on localhost, you will need to install a Mail Transfer Agent (such as Microsoft Exchange or Postfix) in order for emails to be delivered.  The module relies on Joomla JMailer, which in turn relies on the php mail() function.  If you do not have a M.T.A. installed, php mail() is disabled.  You can find out quickly if you have a M.T.A. installed by running the simple php email program attached (also in the modules directory for testing, btw).