Version 2.3.0 -- 25 May 2018

  • Adds a new translation (Slovenian - Thanks to Ervin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Version 2.2.0 -- 23 February 2018

  • Fixes issue #16 - Language overrides do not work in SEF 1.8.9 and Joomla 3.6.5.
  • Fixes all functional tests by having them run on the Sauce Labs Selenium Server.
  • Fixes a minor issue with the upload error messages.


Version 2.1.0 -- 22 December 2017

  • Fixes issue #15 - Allow users to configure an automated reply email to those submitting the form.
  • Fixes issue #18 - Getting error of missing closing DIV.
  • Fixes issue #22 - Allow to easily modify SEF's rendering by using its internal methods.
  • Sets JForm as Simple Email Form's default mode.
  • Offers a complete API documentation for developers.


Version 2.0.1 -- 24 February 2017

  • Fixes issue #17 - JForm translations not explained well enough in documentation.
  • Makes the module compliant with PHP-PDS 1.0 standards.
  • Fixes a minor issue concerning the extension.xml file.


Version 2.0.0 -- 28 January 2017

  • Fixes issue #3 - Make the module compliant to Joomla standards (
  • Fixes issue #4 - Make the module more compliant to PSR-2 standards.
  • Fixes issue #5 - Isolate initialization and library code from the module's main implementation.
  • Fixes issue #6 - Replace all direct usage of global variables by the appropriate Joomla objects.
  • Fixes issue #7 - Replace all hard-coded form elements by the JForm element objects.
  • Fixes issue #8 - Refactor language support in order to give the user the option of using the built-in Joomla language capabilities.
  • Fixes issue #9 - Get unit test code coverage up to at least 70%.
  • Fixes issue #10 - Use Git version control and phpDocumentor to generate the project's User Guide and Developer Documentation.
  • Fixes issue #11 - Add a Required/Optional selector to the upload field settings.
  • Fixes issue #13 - Warn the administrator before saving if "Send Results To" field is empty or invalid.
  • Adds a new translation (Belarusian - Thanks to Yury This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Makes the module compliant with the new JED requirements of the 10th of January 2017 (
  • DEPRECATED : Simple Email Form's Classic form. It will be removed in version 3.0.0.


Version 1.8.9 -- 23 July 2016

  • Fixes issue #2 - Confirmation message when uploading more than one file.
  • Fixes issue #12 - File uploaded in spite of wrong captcha.


Version 1.8.8 -- 4 July 2016

  • Fixes issue #1 - Error messages are displayed to the user when leaving some upload fields empty on form submission.


Version 1.8.7 -- 18 April 2016

  • Fixed error where users were  getting "Invalid Address" error after submitting the form. (thanks to Aaron Holte for spotting this)
  • Fixed error where session 1 time hash key not set 1st time generates notice (thanks to Brimaware for spotting this)
  • Removed "#" as default "anchor" tag (can re-instate this by modifying the "Name of Anchor Tag" advanced setting


Version 1.8.6 -- 29 April 2015

  • fixed XSS vulnerability as reported here:
  • One time hash is generated to help prevent automated SPAMbot attacks
  • Corrected Estonian translation thanks to Kristo Kaupmees <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Added Croatian language thanks to Nikola <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Added Portuguese language thanks to Rui Cabanita <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Added a new type "U" on field 8 for customized user-defined fields (i.e. phone numbers) 


Version 1.8.5 -- 11 November 2013

        * Added check to see if CAPTCHA URL has a trailing "/"; hard-coded the "/" if not
        * Modified German translation thanks to Janis Blechert
        * If email checking is disabled, the default value in the "from" field will be used
        * An HTML5 "email" type field is now used for the "from" field
        * Added HTML5 "placeholder" attribute so that default values are displayed

Version 1.8.4 -- 1 September 2013

        * Added option to include Joomla article title as a hidden field, appearing in the email
        * Fixed bug where the last inactive field as used as "From" field

Version 1.8.3 -- 12 June 2013

        * Improved CSS styling for checkboxes and radio buttons (Thanks to Colin Mercer)
        * If you choose radio or checkbox, module now places a <span class="xxx"> xxx </span> around the *entire* set of buttons/boxes
        * Fixed bug for checkboxes/radio buttons when you choose CSS After, it is not detected properly

Version 1.8.2 -- 24 May 2013

        * Made "id" HTML attribute unique for radio/checkbox
        * Fixed problem where values were not being returned in email for radio/checkbox
        * Fixed problem whereby formatting for radio/checkbox doubled up due to missing break in switch stmt
        * Fixed problem where file upload fields not showing up + added option to have > 1 upload field
        * Added Afrikaans thanks to Paul Bailey -

Version 1.8.1 -- 16 May 2013

        * Moved label for file upload attachment field from language_files to module config
        * Added option to allow for more than 1 upload attachment
        * Modified $field[$x]['from'] to represent From / Subject / Normal (text) / textArea / Dropdown (select) / Radio / Checkbox
        * Added options to position text Before or After Radio / Checkbox fields
        * Modified $field[$x]['value'] to represent key1=value1,key2=value2 value=visible options for Dropdown (select) / Radio / Checkbox
        * Modified $field[$x]['size'] to represent rows,cols if textarea
        * Added style='text-align: left|right|center' to <th> cells
        * Added No Cache option to Advanced Options (in case somebody enables joomla cache)
        * Added Bulgarian translation (thanks to Iiteam!)
        * Added Finnish translation (thanks to Sami Koivisto / Samtron-Translations (!)
        * Added Vietnamese translation (thanks to "sao s@ng mo" !)
        * Fixed problem $msg-fromName on line 564: changed to $msg->fromName

Version 1.8.0 -- 01 Feb 2013

         * CAPTCHA no longer uses Joomla session; uses hidden field w/ MD5 hash instead
        * Fixed problem where you could not set # characters in CAPTCHA
        * Added Chinese Language (thanks to YangMei)
        * Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Rudolf Boogerman - Footprint Communication)
        * Added Slovak translation (thanks to Karol Kostial)
        * Removed specialized "From" and "Subject" fields
        * Added option "Hidden" to all fields
        * Made it possible for any text field to be "From" or "Subject" fields
        * Now: 8 configurable fields: text or textarea
        * NOTE: if you enter a value > 0 in "rows" the field becomes a textarea
        * NOTE: if you designate multiple subjects, last one wins
        * NOTE: if you designate multiple "from", last one wins
        * Works on Joomla 2.x and 3.x



Version 1.7.09 -- 20 August 2012 


  • Removed "email_test.php" as it poses a security risk where spammers could send emails from your site
  • NOTE: if you already have 1.7.08 or earlier and are happy with its operation, simply remove  /path/to/joomla/modules/mod_simpleemailform/email_test.php from your joomla installation


Version 1.7.08 -- 10 June 2012 


  • Fixed bug where a couple of the fields generate class and name attributes without space between them.
  • Added the Latvian
    (*both* thanks to Alberts Muktup?vels!)
  • Fixed problem where multiple instances of form renders same name and id tags for form element:
  • There is now a new parameter "Form Instance" which alters the "name" and "id" attributes for fields:
    I.e. <input type="text" name="field1_1" id="field1_1" ... />


Version 1.7.07 -- 25 April 2012 


  • Fixed bug where email attachments are not sent unless something is entered into allowed extensions
    (thanks to Rob Smolenaars!)


Version 1.7.06 -- 20 April 2012 


  • Fixed bug where NULL replyTo generates an "Invalid Address" error (only visible in test mode)
    (thanks to Rob Smolenaars!)
  • Added anchor so when the form is submitted, the top of the screen resets to that anchor tag
    (thanks to Joanne Lewis!)
  • Added Czech translation thanks to Radek Žilka
  • Added option to disable "From" email checking


Version 1.7.05 -- 7 March 2012 


  • Fixed bug applicable affecting certain websites (i.e. PHP 5.3.x and also Joomla 2.5) where no emails are sent if CC and BCC fields are not filled in.  Thanks to Lulu Zhang for first spotting this problem!
  • Added "Test Mode" which does a dump of the mail object after sending.  Useful for testing and troubleshooting.


Version 1.7.04 -- 15 February 2012 


  • Fixed problem bug "Invalid address: Invalid address: Invalid address:"


Version 1.7.03 -- 7 February 2012 


  • Fixed problem "Undefined property: modSimpleEmailForm::$_rowClass in ... "


Version 1.7.02 -- 7 February 2012 


  • Change language option to type "list" (see
  • Added optional Reply-To field
  • Modified To, CC, BCC to accept multiple values separated by commas or spaces


 Version 1.7.01 -- 19 December 2011 


  • If CSS class designated, creates xxx_table, xxx_row, xxx_th and xxx_td classes inside form.
  • Fixed problem with CAPTCHA library: added directory path variable and specified absolute path for require_once statements
  • Added check and only display error message row if there is a message
  • Fixed problem from htmlentities display of email address in "from" field: converted '&#64;' into '@'



Version 1.7.0 -- 25 November 2011



  • Converted to Joomla 1.7
  • Revised code to make it object oriented
  • Tested compatible with Joomla 1.6
  • Added Thai translation (thanks to Noona!!!)
  • Added redirect URL feature
  • Added space between labels and input fields
  • Added option to auto-reset fields (or not)



Version 1.1.12 -- 01 Sep 2011


  • Fixed bug in line 476 calling sendResults()


Version 1.1.11 -- 24 Aug 2011


  • Converted field display from htmlentities to htmlspecialchars
  • Fixed problem in the email received where field1 and field2 have the same label (of field2)
    Thanks to Rui Castro Lobo and "drunkenmanwalking" for spotting this bug!
  • Added an 'auto copy' option which sends a copy to user automatically
  • Added max length option to fields thanks to Rui Castro Lobo



Version 1.1.10 -- 24 May 2011


  • Fixed a bug whereby redisplaying input values in posted forms mangled multibyte character display.  Determined problem stemmed from limited support for international character sets in the PHP 'htmlentities()' function.  Switched to 'htmlspecialchars()'.  Thanks to Stamatis for both pointing out the problem as well as confirming that the fix worked.



Version 1.1.09 -- 31 Mar 2011



  • Added Hebrew translation thanks to Dror Lamdan

  • Added Turkish translation thanks to Nurettin Acar
  • Fixed bug where the simple email module sets the default date/timezone to a fixed locale potentially causing problems later when posting new articles, etc.  The solution was to replace  straight PHP date/time function calls with Joomla date API calls



Version 1.1.08 -- 31 Mar 2011



  • Added Russian translation thanks to Alex Breems

  • Fixed bug where the simple email module conflicts with certain Joomla anti-spam security measures. Certain security measures are designed to capture any attempt to display a "raw" email address, and convert it into a spambot unreadable form using javascript. The simple email module has its own security measures which absolutely prevent injecting javascript into any input field! A simple work around was arrived at whereby the email address is rendered as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. instead of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • "From" field now included in the body of the email message


Version 1.1.07 -- 28 Feb 2011



  • Added Danish translation thanks to Ernesto

  • Added Hungarian translation thanks to Polgar Istvan



Version 1.1.06 -- 14 Dec 2010



  • Added Polish translation -- thanks to Micha? Przekopowski

  • Added German translation -- thanks to Uwe Stockinger

  • Added Greek translation -- thanks to Nasos Liagos

  • Fixed bug where a notice of an undefined index was returned + added default length and labels for optional fields 1 - 5

  • Fixed bug where fields 1 - 5 were not showing up

  • Fixed incompatibility with certain other Joomla modules due to language translation technique



Version 1.1.05 -- 13 Dec 2010



  • *** WITHDRAWN -- dont' use!!! ***



Version 1.1.04 -- 30 Oct 2010



  • Added Italian translation -- thanks to Cristian Lorenzini





Version 1.1.03 -- 19 Oct 2010



  • Added Estonian translation -- thanks to Lauri Liikane



Version 1.1.02 -- 28 Sep 2010



  • Body of email message now contains labels + user input data




Version 1.1.01 -- 15 Sep 2010




  • 6 language files are included: Dutch, English, French, Portugese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Swedish








Version 1.1.0 -- 1 Sep 2010




  • Improved language support using separate INI files
  • Language files included: English, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch
  • Captcha images are only deleted if more than 5 minutes old
  • Added ability to make fields 1 to 5 active, required (mandatory), or not active
  • There is a new "Allowed Filenames" field in the module configuration which lets you add a list of filename extensions separated by commas; leave blank for all
  • Added a "text" CAPTCHA for those having difficulty getting image CAPTCHAs configured properly
  • Added advanced diagnostics which give recommendations for image CAPTCHA settings in case of error
  • Added parameters which allow you to change the color of "success" or "failure" message instead of just HTML red or green
  • Error messages appear under the fields they are associated with




Version 1.0.8 EN / SE / ES




  • Fixed a bug with an improper number of parameters to rand()
  • Thanks to Muneca Osorio for the Spanish translation!




Version 1.0.7 EN and SE




  • Fixed bug where when CAPTCHA value was entered incorrectly all text after error message appeared in red
  • Aligned the "Copy Me" checkbox, and SUBMIT and RESET buttons, with the other input field
  • Set CAPTCHA to not cache by randomly generating a new filename for each new CAPTCHA




Version 1.0.6 EN and SE




  • Added PEAR5.php library file to fix the following error seen on Windows servers (thanks Edwin!):
    Warning: include_once(PEAR5.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Hosting\*******\html\joomla\modules\mod_simpleemailform\PEAR.php on line 766

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'PEAR5.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\php5\pear') in D:\Hosting\*******\html\joomla\modules\mod_simpleemailform\PEAR.php on line 766




Version 1.0.5 EN and SE




  • Streamlined file attachment process
  • Got rid of "Upload" button -- no need for the extra step!




Version 1.0.4 EN and SE




  • Added "Send Copy to Me" field
  • Removed slashes in front of ' and " in text area
  • Added "Reset" button
  • Internal translation fields for buttons (thanks to Mat and Lars!)




Version 1.0.3




  • Improved internal language support
  • Modified CAPTCHA process
    • Adds prefix "captcha_"
    • Erases old CAPTCHA files
    • Now uses native Joomla JFile::write() instead if "file_put_contents()" to write








  • Swedish translation of "front-end" strings
  • Adjusted date/timezone to "Europe/Stockholm"
  • Note: administrative back-end is still in English
  • Contributors:
    Lars Dahlberg
    Mats Arvendal



Version 1.0.2



  • Added left, right and center config option for labels (thanks to Mats for this suggestion)
  • Version is in Swedish (thanks to Lars Dahlberg!).



Version 1.0.1


  • Added ability to deactive file upload field